How to Recover Lost Pictures From Digital Camera


The digital cameras are becoming more and more popular nowadays, with better functionality, higher quality but cheaper price. It is no exaggeration to say that now every family has at least one digital camera. The widely use of digital camera, while bringing to people convenience and joy, also causes serious data loss issue.


Most digital devices don’t wipe the data completely from its memory card on deletion or format. They just erase the filenames and file entries, such as name, time stamp, and file length. The other data are still unchanged, therefore, it is possible to search and get back those lost pictures frm the formatted digital camera.


But there is one important thing to bury in mind: do not put any more files in the digital camera after it is formatted, because it will overwrite the data and cause total loss of some files.


To get back those lost pictures with a successful recovery, follow below instructions:


After you recovered all the pictures from your digital camera, there is one more tip for you: do a backup of these photos. Even if you have the best recovery software, it is better that a recovery is never needed.