How to Avoid Data Loss From Memory Cards


When using digital devices to take photos and videos, there are some tips to avoid data loss that you have to bury in mind. Many users have used digital cameras to store the images and videos they take, but they never thought about losing these data some day. If you cherish these data, please read below tips carefully so you will not have trouble in future.


First, always backy up the data in the memory cards. No matter how much confidence you have with your digital cameras or recorder, there is no deny that they are only machines made by people and can cause trouble to people. Improper use or sudden power off may result in data being deleted from the drive. This usually happens out of expectation. Memory cards including SD card, microSD, pendrive, flash drive, etc. have no safe degigned function to prevent data loss under such unexpected circumstance. The smart way to prevent data loss is to always make a hard copy of the data. Then you will never have to worry about that.

Second, never use your digital devices improperly under any environment that is strictly forbidden in the manual. Many digital devices have clearly instructed users how to use them with a detailed manual. Users will have to read the manual carefully, never using the machine in an environment that is too cold, too hot, or too wet, which may result in malfunction of the machine. The worst situation is that, the digital device may be physically broken and impossible to be fixed.

Above two tips may be too late for you. If you have already faced with data loss from your digital storage device, don’t be desperate at first. you should be smart to use your digital first aid kit- good photo recovery software. So what is photo recovery software, you ask? Well, it is apparent that this kind of software can be used to recover or retrieve deleted photos, whether they are corrupted or not.

Cardrecoverypro is one of such software to recover photos and videos specially from memory cards including SD card, microSD, pendrive, flash drive, etc. No matter the memory card is formatted or corrupted, Cardrecoverypro can still find the lost files from the cards and recover them for you.