Undelete Files From Empty Recycled Bin And USB Drives


Many computer users will think that, the files they deleted will be stored in recycle bin, and they can get back them later if they want. Some of the users may even use recycle bin as a folder to store things, which is really risky.


First, Windows tries to prevent users from accidentally deleting by providing the Recycle Bin, where deleted files could hang around for a while—but unfortunately it doesn’t work for external USB drives, USB flash drives, memory sticks, or mapped drives.


Second, recycle bin is actually not a place to store things. With a simple click, all the files in it will be deleted. It will not even pop up a message asking if you really wish to delete these files.


If you have accidently taken some useful files from your USB drives, or deleted the files in recycle bin by mistake, don’t get worried and desperated. There is still way to get them back.


There are many recovery tools online to help you solve this issue. The deleted files actually did not disappear. They are still stored as data in the hard drive and USB drive. To know more about how to recover the files, visit this page to see what devices and file formats are supported.