How to Avoid Data Loss


Data loss is a serious problem for computer users especially when the lost data are related to work. For example, last month, one of my clients Johnny, a photographer, accidentally formatted his camera memory card. All of the photographs for his work have been deleted. How frustrating!


Although we have ways to get these data back, it is still necessary to know some tips of avoiding data loss. Here below are some tips:


Firstly, you have make sure the health of your PC. In many cases, data loss is caused by sudden shutdown of pc when the memory card or digital device are still connected. To prevent such data loss, you will have to make sure the computer is not affected by virus, malware or bad powersupply. Remeber to disconnect your USB storage device when you finish using it.


Secondly, backup important data in another place. I believe that many users have already known that they need to backup their data, but it is strange that few of them will really go and do it. Accoring to an interview, over 80% of computer users have ever lost their data unexpectedly. It would be so happy if you still have a backup.


Thirdly, be careful when you perform any action on your computer or digital devices. This is the simplest and most effective way to prevent your data from getting lost.


If you unluckily formatted your memory card or hard drive and you are looking for a way to get things back, you may try an advanced data recovery tool – CardRecoveryPro. This tool will help you get data back from both your memory card and hard drive. The procedure is simple and easy for all kinds of PC users.