Solve Smart Media Card Data Loss Issue

The SmartMedia format was released in the summer of 1995 by Toshiba Corperation to compete with the MiniCard, CompactFlash, and PC cards. It has a capacities ranging from 2 MB to 128 MB. Later memory cards are mostly designed to be equiped in digital cameras, PDAs, digital audio players and similar devices, while SmartMedia was pitched as a successor to the computer floppy disk.


Although at last, Smartmedia cards did not win the competition, and many other formats are launched with larger capacity and more polularity, there is no deny that Smartmedia has once been a star in the memory card history. Nowadays, still many people are having Smartmedia cards in their digital devices. The data loss issue for Smartmedia, of course, is unavoidable and prominent.


Same as many other memory storage formats, Smartmedia cards also can cause data loss problem. Improper use or accidental corruption may both cause the files in it to get lost. Especially when many users have used Smartmedia to store their photos and videos, data loss can be a great headache for them.


But, whenever there is a problem, there is a solution. Even if the Smartmedia card is formatted, there is way to get the files back. How to? It is just as simple as 1-2-3. With four steps, you will be able to get back the files in the smartmedia card:
Step 1: download and install the Smartmedia card recovery software on your computer
Step 2: run a scan with the program and preview the files
Step 3: Select the files you want to recover, or just Select All.
Step 4: Click Recover button to recover the chosen files.


Simple, right? To know more about Smartmedia card recovery software, view this page: The best Smartmedia recovery tool.