How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Canon Camera After Pressing Delete All

If you have mistakenly press “delete all” option when you use your Canon camera, you may now face a difficult situation to get the photos back. The images stored in the camera will all get lost with this simple action: Delete All.


There is large possiblity that we may click “delete all” button when we actually just want to delete one particular photo. Especially when this operation is performed on a Canon camera. The “delete” option and “delete all” option on the camera are usually next to each other.
Experts on camera and computer suggest users to take the camera to a professional recovery service, while today, we have a more convenient way to get the deleted photos back for you. That is, to use a photo undeleting software, also called photo recovery tool or camera recovery tool.
Why are we able to get back the images with such tools? When we press “delete all” option on the camera, the photos on the memory cards will be wiped; however, the data still remain in a partition on the card. They just cannot be shown on the camera. With an excellent recovery tool, you will be able to reconstruct these data and bring the photos back.


Remember not to use the camera to take more shots after you accidentally press “delete all” option, because this action will result in data being overwritten. If the data are covered by new shots, you will never get them back. So, if you have just deleted all photos from your Canon camera, download and install an undeleting software to get them back. For more information, visit this page.