How to Retrieve Photos From A Corrupted External Hard Drive

Nowadays, many people have used external hard drive(EHDD) to store files and photos in order to save the space on computer hard drive. Indeed, external hard drive has done great help to store non-frequently used data. So when users want to download or save files on computer, there will always be enough space. But this also leads to one problem – file lost due to corruption or system errors.


In order to free out space, many computer users put important photos on EHDD without a copy  on computer. When the system has error, or the power supply is suddenly cut out when an EHDD is connected to computer, the files in the external hard drive may be lost. The worst thing is, after such error or power issue, you will find it impossible to open the EHDD any more. Why? Because the partition is corrupted and it does not construct a disk or folder anymore.


Is there a way to retrieve the images from the corrupted EHDD?

The answer is yes, of course. When the external hard drive is corrupted due to system errors, it actually does not erase the data from it. With a professional unerasing tool, the data can be taken out and reconstruct to original picture.


Is such tool hard to use? Is there a trial version?

There are many external hard driver retrieving software on internet, but some of them are very difficult to follow and not effective in recovering. But most of them have trial version which you may test the result before making purchase. I will suggest Cardrecoverypro, an advanced photo recovering software that is very suitable for computer beginners. It has friendly user interface and simple steps. You can get Cardrecoverypro to recover the files on the broken external hard drive.