Unformat Your Memory Cards


Most digital devices don’t wipe the data completely from its memory card on deletion or format. They just delete the filenames and file entries, like name, time stamp, and file length. But data may still remain unchanged, therefore, it is possible to search and restore those deleted photos, or lost picture files due to format.


In most cases, no matter what causes a data loss, there is still chance to get data back. But I should remind you not to write any data in the formatted or corrupted memory cards. Such behavior would greatly decrease the success rate of recovering lost data. Keep in mind, the less things you have done to your memory cards after formatting, the more chances you have to get the data back.


So, how to unformat a memory card if it is just formatted or corrupted?


To do a recovery, there is no manual way by yourself. Since the data are hidden and unvisible, you can’t just copy and move them to another storage device. There is also no tool equiped in Windows system to solve this issue. What to do?


Don’t worry. Actually, you can use a simple and professional recovery tool to retrieve the formatted files. Such tool is designed by IT professionals and are specialized in recovering data from formatted cards. Its search engine will quickly find the deleted data from formatted cards and bring them out in a cache folder; at the same time, previews will show for you to choose which file to be recovered. After the files are selected, the recovery will finish in several seconds; because the files are actually stored in a cache folder, all it has to do is to move the cache files to the destination folder you choose.


And the best thing such tool can do for you is, it will not write data or perform any other action on your memory cards, it will just search and show what it finds. So you don’t have to worry about the existing data may get lost or the cards may be corrupted. Want to have a try? Download the best card recovery tool.