How to Undo a Quick Format


The quick format and full format are two common format types that have been used by computer users. You may wonder what’s the difference between them. In fact, a quick format will erase the data from the drive to leave out space, but it will not kill the data and wipe out the whole drive completely, while a full format will do.  That’s why a quick format often takes less time than a full format.


Usually a drive is divided into five sections and the last section is for storing data. The quick format only deletes entries from the file allocation table (the second section of a drive) and the data area is still safe in its place. Thus, as long as the last section has not been overwritten, there are still great chances to recover the files and get them back.
To recover files from a formatted drive or memory card, there is no manual way. Since the files are hidden in a partition in the drive, and not visible any more, you cannot just view and drag them back to the drive. You will need a professional recovery tool, also called an unformat tool to recover the files for you.


I will suggest you recover the files with CardRecoveryPro. It is easy to use but quick and effective in recovering. Just follow below steps to recover your camera card:


Step 1: download and install CareRecoveryPro on your computer
Step 2: run a scan with the program and preview the files
Step 3: Select the files you want to recover, or just Select All.
Step 4: Click Recover button to recover the chosen files.


Done! Your files are recovered to the destination folder. Even you are a computer novice, you can catch up with above without difficulty.  So, if you have mistakenly formatted your drive or memory card, don’t worry, get CardRecoveryPro to undo a format for you.