how to recover memory cards

Card Recovery pro is a professional memory card data recovery software which is designed to restore music, pictures, photos, movies, documents, and other files types from corruoted, deleted, formatted memory cards like SD cards,  SDHC cards,  XD pictures cards,  MMC cards, MicroSD cards,  miniSD cards and so on.

Card Recovery pro is very pupolar in data recovery market. Because  Card Recovery pro have power and various functions which attract so many people to undelete important files through  Card Recovery pro.

Card Recovery pro can resue digital cards from many dangerous situations, like: erroneous deletion, corruption or formatting errors.

The software can effectively recover deleted or lost photos, music, video, and multimedia files.  Card Recovery pro performs read- only operations on your memory card. So using  Card Recovery pro is very safe and no risks. You don’t need to worry about that Card Recovery pro will move, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoid causing further damage or overwriting the source.

What’s more,  Card Recovery pro is very easy-to-use.  Event though you know a little about computer, you can smoothly get your data back. Just 3 steps you can restore your precious photos and music and any lost datas. Connect device, Scan, Select files. Then the recovery process is over!

Futhermore, Card Recovery pro helps you to recover all your lost pictures from practically any kinds of Digital Camera. The software also supports RAW recovery of pictures from all major digital camera brands like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Minolta, Pentax, Kodak, Fuji, Sigma, Olympus, Mamiya, Epson and Panasonic and so on.


How to Recover SLR Camera Photos

As the development of living condition, more and more people pay much attention to spiritual function of a product, and they do not care much about physical function now.

Lots of people prefer to spend much money on purchasing an SLR camera. They care much about the quality of their photos. Therefore, the photos are important for them.

Once it was deleted by accident, people want to find the most efficient way to find their photos back. Although there are various recovery software in the market, the software which can recover the SLR camera photos can seldom be found.

CardRecoverypro can recover the SLR camera photos easily.

CardRecoveryPro is easy-to-use card recovery software that recovers deleted/lost photos, music, video, and multimedia files from almost all digital card sources after disasters like deletion, corruption, formatting. The program enables the quick recovery of photos from different storage devices in just a few steps.

Cardrecoverypro acts the most important role in the recovery software market, which is famous software that helps you recover lost data from Hard Drives, PCs and Laptops, Memory Sticks, USB storage media, SD card, cameras, cell phones or other storage media. It performs read only operation and will never do any damage to your card or hard drive. Cardrecoverypro also can recover your deleted or lost files due to situations of corruption, formatting, virus attack, etc. With Cardrecoverypro you don’t need to worry about your lost data any more.

STEP 1 Download Card Recovery Tool & Install it for free. . ( Note: If the download link doesn’t work you may need to Download it from a Download Mirror).

STEP 2 Run the CardRecoveryPro software. Click [Start Scan], specify the drive letter, file type and destination location. Then click [Next] to start the scan.

STEP 3 When the scan is finished, select the files you want and click [Recover] button to restore the files.

How to Recover Deleted Photos in Fujifilm DCIM


Fujifilm is the name of a Japanese company that develops, produces and sells imaging and photofinishing equipments. It is one of the world’s largest imaging product manufacturers. It’s products have been sold all over the world.


The DCIM means digital camerad image in the fijifilm camera. When we take photographs with a camera, the images will be stored in a folder called DCIM. If the DCIM folder is deleted mistakenly from the camera memory card, you will have big trouble in getting it back.


The easiest and fast solution for this issue is to get a professional recovery tool to recover these deleted photos from the memory card. The fijifilm DCIM folder, after deleted, will be broken into numerous scattered fragments which cannot be reunited manually. Howeverm with a clever DCIM recovery software, we can easily collect these fragments and reunit them into the original images.

Here is the preview of the photos found by the recovery software – Cardrecoverypro.

You can get Cardrecoverypro to retrieve the deleted photos in Fujifilm DCIM folder on this site.

Recover Fujifilm FinePix F470 Photos


Fujifilm FinePix F470 is a very common camera model used by many people. It is a digital camera. With the progress of technology, this kind of cameras is useful. Before the invention of digital technology, pictures were only shot on film that had to be processed and printed before people could see the result. But digital cameras allow you to see pictures immediately on the small LCD screen on the back of the camera, and you can either download them to your computer or view them on your TV. Because of this, more and more people tend to store their precious pictures on computer hard disk or USB drive. As easy as it is to take the pictures, it can be almost as easy to accidentally delete them or format camera. When this happens, there is a process for restoring them.


How to recover the lost pictures? It is a problem concerned by many people. I recommend  you use Cardrecoverypro.


CardRecoveryPro is easy-to-use recovery software that can effectively recover deleted or lost photos, music, video, and multimedia files from computer system after instances like deletion, corruption and formatting, etc. It can also recover files from digital memory cards which are so incredible. Many recovery tools will not be able to recover files from cards, but CardReroveryPro makes it possible.

Using CardRecoveryPro is safe and risk-free. The software performs read-only operations on your hard drive. It doesn’t move, delete, or modify the data to avoid causing further damage or overwriting.


The procedure of recovering data with CardRecoveryPro is rather easy:


  • Step1. Connect your SD card or Fujifilm FinePix F470 camera to your PC. Run Cardrecoverypro, and on the main interface click [Start Scan] button.
  • Step2. Select a drive that the lost files has ever been stored, camera brand, and choose a file type: [Photo]/[Movies/Video]/ [Sounds/Audio]. Specify the destination folder, and click [Next].
  • NOTE: Please do not set the destination folder in the drive you want to recover data from.
  • Step3. The scanning process will commence. After scanning, you will see thumbnails of photos found. You can either recover all or selected photos by ticking the small check box under each photo or [Select All] option. Then click [Recover] button.
  • Step4: There will be a message telling you the number of photos recovered. Click [OK] or [Open] button, which can lead you to the destination folder you specified to get the recovered photos.

How to Recover Deleted Movie Clips From a Digital Camera’s Memory Card


The fast development of digital cameras has made it possible and convenient for people to record their life in movie clips. No matter they are in parties, shows or other social activities, they can use recorder or digital cameras to take a video and save it in the memory card that is equiped in the device.


However, these video or movie clips are easily gone if you mistakenly press delete button on the camera or simple format your memory card. While movie clips are previous memory of an incredible or commemorable moment, they should be kept safely so you can enjoy them with your beloved ones to recall the past.


If you have deleted your movie clips from your digital camera or its memory card, you can recover them by a simple-to-use recovery software- Cardrecoverypro.

To perform a recovery using CardRecoveryPro, the procedure is quite simple:

  1. download CardRecoveryPro to your computer
  2. Install the setup file
  3. Run a scan with CardRecoveryPro
  4. Choose the media files that you want to recover, click recover button to bring them back to your system.



The trial version of CardRecoveryPro can be reached on this page. It is suggested that you get a full version to retrieve all lost files.  Get CardRecoveryPro with discounted price now!






How to Recover Lost Pictures From Digital Camera


The digital cameras are becoming more and more popular nowadays, with better functionality, higher quality but cheaper price. It is no exaggeration to say that now every family has at least one digital camera. The widely use of digital camera, while bringing to people convenience and joy, also causes serious data loss issue.


Most digital devices don’t wipe the data completely from its memory card on deletion or format. They just erase the filenames and file entries, such as name, time stamp, and file length. The other data are still unchanged, therefore, it is possible to search and get back those lost pictures frm the formatted digital camera.


But there is one important thing to bury in mind: do not put any more files in the digital camera after it is formatted, because it will overwrite the data and cause total loss of some files.


To get back those lost pictures with a successful recovery, follow below instructions:


After you recovered all the pictures from your digital camera, there is one more tip for you: do a backup of these photos. Even if you have the best recovery software, it is better that a recovery is never needed.