How to Rescue files From Sandisk Products


While many digital device owner are aware of their machine brands such as Samsung, sony, canon or Nicon, few of them knows about the brand of their digital storage format that is equiped in the devices. These so called memory cards, including CF card, Micromedia card, SD card, Micro-SD card, etc. are all produced by a multimedia company in America – Sandisk. The Sandisk products are used worldwidely by many users, bringing them with a fantastic experience of data portability.


But sometimes, due to some mistakes in operation, data portability becomes data loss. A simple click of “format the drive” or “delete all” will wipe all the data from the sandisk products. These will result in lost of files which cannot be recovered through usual ways. The worst thing is, if you erase the data from sandisk product, you can’t find them in recycle bin or any hidden folders in the system.


Although there is no usual way to recover, there is special and quick way to get these files back, through a smart recovery tool.


There are many external sandisk retrieving software on internet, but some of them are very difficult to follow and no effectiveness in recovering. Most of them have trial version which you may test the result before making purchase. I will suggest Cardrecoverypro, an advanced sandisk rescuing software that is very suitable for computer beginners. It has friendly user interface and simple steps. You can get Cardrecoverypro to recover the files from your sandisk products.


How to Avoid Data Loss From Memory Cards


When using digital devices to take photos and videos, there are some tips to avoid data loss that you have to bury in mind. Many users have used digital cameras to store the images and videos they take, but they never thought about losing these data some day. If you cherish these data, please read below tips carefully so you will not have trouble in future.


First, always backy up the data in the memory cards. No matter how much confidence you have with your digital cameras or recorder, there is no deny that they are only machines made by people and can cause trouble to people. Improper use or sudden power off may result in data being deleted from the drive. This usually happens out of expectation. Memory cards including SD card, microSD, pendrive, flash drive, etc. have no safe degigned function to prevent data loss under such unexpected circumstance. The smart way to prevent data loss is to always make a hard copy of the data. Then you will never have to worry about that.

Second, never use your digital devices improperly under any environment that is strictly forbidden in the manual. Many digital devices have clearly instructed users how to use them with a detailed manual. Users will have to read the manual carefully, never using the machine in an environment that is too cold, too hot, or too wet, which may result in malfunction of the machine. The worst situation is that, the digital device may be physically broken and impossible to be fixed.

Above two tips may be too late for you. If you have already faced with data loss from your digital storage device, don’t be desperate at first. you should be smart to use your digital first aid kit- good photo recovery software. So what is photo recovery software, you ask? Well, it is apparent that this kind of software can be used to recover or retrieve deleted photos, whether they are corrupted or not.

Cardrecoverypro is one of such software to recover photos and videos specially from memory cards including SD card, microSD, pendrive, flash drive, etc. No matter the memory card is formatted or corrupted, Cardrecoverypro can still find the lost files from the cards and recover them for you.

Easy Recovery Tool For Getting Files Back


Cardrecoverypro is an easy recovery tool which is able to recover all kinds of storage formats such as USB pen drive, Micro SD cards, memory sticks, flash drives, thumb drives, etc. from all digital devices such as digital cameras, recorders and computers.


The reason why Cardrecoverypro is able to recover lost and deleted files from these digital storage formats is that memory storage device does not always wipe out the data that being deleted from it. These data will be stored in a hidden partition in the device until they are overwritten by new data. Thus, experts always suggest that users do not attempt to do anything on the formatted or corrupted storage device before they get a professional recovery tool.


Cardrecoverypro is an effective and easy recovery software to solve deleted and formatted memory device recovery. Any lost files will be recovered with several simple clicks. It is easy for computer beginners as well.


No matter how you have lost the data from your memory cards or USB drive, you’d better download and install Cardrecoverypro at once to retrieve the data. There is a golden period to get back these data. Once the data is overwritten, there will be no way to recover them. To recover lost data with Cardrecoverypro, visit this site.

Undelete Files From Empty Recycled Bin And USB Drives


Many computer users will think that, the files they deleted will be stored in recycle bin, and they can get back them later if they want. Some of the users may even use recycle bin as a folder to store things, which is really risky.


First, Windows tries to prevent users from accidentally deleting by providing the Recycle Bin, where deleted files could hang around for a while—but unfortunately it doesn’t work for external USB drives, USB flash drives, memory sticks, or mapped drives.


Second, recycle bin is actually not a place to store things. With a simple click, all the files in it will be deleted. It will not even pop up a message asking if you really wish to delete these files.


If you have accidently taken some useful files from your USB drives, or deleted the files in recycle bin by mistake, don’t get worried and desperated. There is still way to get them back.


There are many recovery tools online to help you solve this issue. The deleted files actually did not disappear. They are still stored as data in the hard drive and USB drive. To know more about how to recover the files, visit this page to see what devices and file formats are supported.

How to Avoid Data Loss


Data loss is a serious problem for computer users especially when the lost data are related to work. For example, last month, one of my clients Johnny, a photographer, accidentally formatted his camera memory card. All of the photographs for his work have been deleted. How frustrating!


Although we have ways to get these data back, it is still necessary to know some tips of avoiding data loss. Here below are some tips:


Firstly, you have make sure the health of your PC. In many cases, data loss is caused by sudden shutdown of pc when the memory card or digital device are still connected. To prevent such data loss, you will have to make sure the computer is not affected by virus, malware or bad powersupply. Remeber to disconnect your USB storage device when you finish using it.


Secondly, backup important data in another place. I believe that many users have already known that they need to backup their data, but it is strange that few of them will really go and do it. Accoring to an interview, over 80% of computer users have ever lost their data unexpectedly. It would be so happy if you still have a backup.


Thirdly, be careful when you perform any action on your computer or digital devices. This is the simplest and most effective way to prevent your data from getting lost.


If you unluckily formatted your memory card or hard drive and you are looking for a way to get things back, you may try an advanced data recovery tool – CardRecoveryPro. This tool will help you get data back from both your memory card and hard drive. The procedure is simple and easy for all kinds of PC users.

How to Do A Floppy Disk Recovery

A floppy disk is a format of data storage with a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium, sealed in a rectangular plastic carrier lined with fabric that removes dust particles. It is designed for computer users to store files and photos. Although floppy disks are gradually losing their market popularity, there are still large sums of people using floppy disks because of its stability.


However, data loss is still unavoidable for this stable format of data storage. There is still chance for computer users to accidentally format the disk or delete the files with mistakes of operation.


So what can be done to rescue these deleted files? After format, the media files from the floppy disk then become inaccessible. But there is still chance that you can get them back. If there is no back-up available, a floppy disk data recovery tool will help you to get back the lost files.
Step 1: download and install the floppy disk recovery tool
Step 2: run a scan with the software
Step 3: Select the files you want to recover, or just Select All.
Step 4: Click Recover button to recover the chosen files.
CardRecoveryPro is a software designed specially for all kinds of mass storage devices, such as floppy disk, CF card, SD card and xD card, etc. It will scan and display thumbmails of the pictures and videos. You can choose what you would like to recover. The procedure is quite easy even for a computer beginner:
Apart from recovering data from SD cards, this software can also help you recover the files from your computer hard drive and other storage drive. It is always good to keep this software to protect your data from getting lost.


Solve Smart Media Card Data Loss Issue

The SmartMedia format was released in the summer of 1995 by Toshiba Corperation to compete with the MiniCard, CompactFlash, and PC cards. It has a capacities ranging from 2 MB to 128 MB. Later memory cards are mostly designed to be equiped in digital cameras, PDAs, digital audio players and similar devices, while SmartMedia was pitched as a successor to the computer floppy disk.


Although at last, Smartmedia cards did not win the competition, and many other formats are launched with larger capacity and more polularity, there is no deny that Smartmedia has once been a star in the memory card history. Nowadays, still many people are having Smartmedia cards in their digital devices. The data loss issue for Smartmedia, of course, is unavoidable and prominent.


Same as many other memory storage formats, Smartmedia cards also can cause data loss problem. Improper use or accidental corruption may both cause the files in it to get lost. Especially when many users have used Smartmedia to store their photos and videos, data loss can be a great headache for them.


But, whenever there is a problem, there is a solution. Even if the Smartmedia card is formatted, there is way to get the files back. How to? It is just as simple as 1-2-3. With four steps, you will be able to get back the files in the smartmedia card:
Step 1: download and install the Smartmedia card recovery software on your computer
Step 2: run a scan with the program and preview the files
Step 3: Select the files you want to recover, or just Select All.
Step 4: Click Recover button to recover the chosen files.


Simple, right? To know more about Smartmedia card recovery software, view this page: The best Smartmedia recovery tool.


How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Canon Camera After Pressing Delete All

If you have mistakenly press “delete all” option when you use your Canon camera, you may now face a difficult situation to get the photos back. The images stored in the camera will all get lost with this simple action: Delete All.


There is large possiblity that we may click “delete all” button when we actually just want to delete one particular photo. Especially when this operation is performed on a Canon camera. The “delete” option and “delete all” option on the camera are usually next to each other.
Experts on camera and computer suggest users to take the camera to a professional recovery service, while today, we have a more convenient way to get the deleted photos back for you. That is, to use a photo undeleting software, also called photo recovery tool or camera recovery tool.
Why are we able to get back the images with such tools? When we press “delete all” option on the camera, the photos on the memory cards will be wiped; however, the data still remain in a partition on the card. They just cannot be shown on the camera. With an excellent recovery tool, you will be able to reconstruct these data and bring the photos back.


Remember not to use the camera to take more shots after you accidentally press “delete all” option, because this action will result in data being overwritten. If the data are covered by new shots, you will never get them back. So, if you have just deleted all photos from your Canon camera, download and install an undeleting software to get them back. For more information, visit this page.

How to Retrieve Photos From A Corrupted External Hard Drive

Nowadays, many people have used external hard drive(EHDD) to store files and photos in order to save the space on computer hard drive. Indeed, external hard drive has done great help to store non-frequently used data. So when users want to download or save files on computer, there will always be enough space. But this also leads to one problem – file lost due to corruption or system errors.


In order to free out space, many computer users put important photos on EHDD without a copy  on computer. When the system has error, or the power supply is suddenly cut out when an EHDD is connected to computer, the files in the external hard drive may be lost. The worst thing is, after such error or power issue, you will find it impossible to open the EHDD any more. Why? Because the partition is corrupted and it does not construct a disk or folder anymore.


Is there a way to retrieve the images from the corrupted EHDD?

The answer is yes, of course. When the external hard drive is corrupted due to system errors, it actually does not erase the data from it. With a professional unerasing tool, the data can be taken out and reconstruct to original picture.


Is such tool hard to use? Is there a trial version?

There are many external hard driver retrieving software on internet, but some of them are very difficult to follow and not effective in recovering. But most of them have trial version which you may test the result before making purchase. I will suggest Cardrecoverypro, an advanced photo recovering software that is very suitable for computer beginners. It has friendly user interface and simple steps. You can get Cardrecoverypro to recover the files on the broken external hard drive.

Use Micro SD card Undeleting Software to Retrieve Your Data

Micro SD card has now become one of the most popular storage formats for mobile devices. It is the smallest memory card available commercially, just about a quarter the size of an SD card. It can be used in most of the smart mobile devices, including cellular phones, GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players, expandable USB flash memory drives, Nintendo players, and digital cameras.


Compared with SD card, micro SD card is smaller and more convenient. However, the capacity of Micro SD card is not less than SD card. The popularity of Micro SD cards has also brought up one serious problem for users – data loss.


Improper use of Micro SD card may lead to corruption and data loss. Since many users have relied on the cards to store the photos and videos, these photos and videos are precious memory for them. If the card is corrupted, all of the precious record of memory will go. Many computer users have asked me, is there a way to save these photos and videos?


The answer is yes. But you can’t do it by yourself. You will need to get the help from a professional undeleting or unformatting software to recover the files for you. How?


There are only 4 steps to be followed
Step 1: download and install the Micro SD card recovery software on your computer
Step 2: run a scan with the program and preview the files
Step 3: Select the photos you want to recover, or just Select All.
Step 4: Click Recover button to recover the chosen files.


After these 4 steps, you will be able to retrive the photos and videos from the Micro SD card. The sonner you perform a recovery, the more chance you will get your files back. Once your memory card is overwritten, you will never get the files back. So there is no time for you to regret for not taking good care of or backing up the MicroSD card. Just hurry up to use a card recovery software to get back your precious photos and videos.