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SD cards are the latest in miniature flash drives in 2010. Increasingly, digital cameras and cell phones are using these cards, as their small size (about the size of the nail on your pinkie finger) takes up less space in the device itself. Unfortunately, like any memory device, Micro SD cards can be corrupted by anything from static electricity to improperly removing the card, causing whatever is stored on them to become inexplicably irretrievable. But it is possible to recover most of the data.

Do Follows to Recover Photos from SD Card

Method 1

Maintain the connection between your memory card or camera and the computer. At the first sign of trouble, many people's first response is to disconnect the camera or memory card without ejecting it. If a memory card is unplugged from the computer without ejecting, it is similar to yanking the computer's power cord from the wall, which can corrupt the data.

Method 2

Double check the connection between the camera or card and the reader. Also check the the reader's connection to the computer. It might become necessary to unplug one of the components to check or reseat a connection. To do so, eject the drive by finding the icon in the bottom right of the screen if using Windows or by dragging the item to the trash bin on a Macintosh.

Method 3

Open the Recycle Bin (PC) or Trash Can (Mac) to see if the files are there. If they are, restore them by right-clicking or option-clicking and selecting "restore" or "undelete" from the menu. This will send the deleted files to their original location, but will cause an error if the card or camera is not connected.

If you can not recover photos in these methods, you can try CardRecovery which is a powerful software to recover all photos. CardRecoveryPro is a simple memory card recovery software, which can effectively restore lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos, video files and other multimedia files from basically all of the memory card. It's absolutely safe to run CardRecoveryPro because it only performs the read-only operation on the memory card. The software doesn't move, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoid causing further damage or overwriting.

How to Recover Photos from SD Card

Step 1

Double-Click the CardRecoveryPro and open it.

Step 2

Connect the device and select the destination folder.recover photos from SD card

Step 3

Scan and select the files you want to recover.recover photos from SD card

Step 4

Press recover and get what you want.
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