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Are you worried about your lost data from Sony camera memory card? Then calm down as you have arrived at the correct webpage which can brief you about the easiest way of recovering the data from Sony camera memory card… Several days ago, my friend has asked me this question. I give him the intructions as below.
memory card recovery

Not to Do

First, once you've realized you've done a mass file deletion on an SD Card, remove the card from the device and don't write any data to it.


You need to apply the below sequence of steps to troubleshoot such problems:

1.Backup all the left pictures and files on a reliable backup media.

2.Reformat the SanDisk card in the associated digital camera or device. This will install a fresh file system and make the card free from errors.

3.Restore files from backup.

4.Use a memory card recovery software to recover the lost or deleted files from  memory card. It is recommend CardrecoveryPro, a professional card recovery software.

CardrecoveryPro scan a logically crashed or reformatted digital storage media and rescue all pictures, audios, and videos. These utilities provide safe data restoration and also an interactive interface. Designed to run safe scanning algorithms and easy to downloaded.

How to use CardrecoveryPro?

Step 1

Download CardrecoveryPro Software, install and launch it.

Step 2

Perform a Full Scan. Insert the card into your card reader or device, and run the CardrecoveryPro Software. Click the "Start Scan" button on the main window of CardrecoveryPro. You can see the list of all volumes found on your computer, select the exact drive and click the "Next" button to start scanning. If you can't see the drive, please make sure your external drives are connected, and click 'Refresh' button.

Step 3

Preview and Recover Files. Find the files you want to restore in the scan result. Select them and click Recover.


  • Do not set the card near a magnet as this will delete all of its data.
  • Do not use the card for any other purpose if you have accidentally deleted files, as the device will record the new files over the old ones.
  • Do not wait a long time to restore the lost data, after a longer time, it is harder to restore, regardless of the software used.
Professional SD Card Recovery Software Recover Lost or Deleted Photos in 3 Steps
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