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Sometimes, you might delete a text message by mistake when you clean out your inbox. Or, you may want to keep track of threatening or harassing messages that you want to forward to the authorities. This can be difficult to achieve if you happen to lose your SIM card reader, or if you don't have one. But all is not lost; depending on your cell-phone service provider, you can recover your text messages and pictures through the mail or online.

Download the Lost Data by Contacting Your Cell-Phone Service Provider

Step 1

Contact your cell-phone service provider. You can find the contact information on your last monthly billing statement or on the cell-phone service provider's website.

Step 2

Tell the representative that you need to recover your text messages. Give the reason for your concern. Verify your account information by providing your name, address, cell phone number and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Step 3

Wait for your text messages to arrive. Your cell-phone service provider may send them through the mail or by email.
If you can not recover the lost data on your cell phone, you can turn to CardRecoveryPro which is a simple memory card recovery software, which can effectively restore lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos, video files and other multimedia files from basically all of the memory card and android cell phone. It's absolutely safe to run CardRecoveryPro because it only performs the read-only operation on the memory card. The software doesn't move, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoid causing further damage or overwriting. It recovers the photos and movie clips from the source memory card and saves them to the destination location you specify.

How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Android Pone with CardRecovery

Step 1

Double-Click the CardRecoveryPro and open it.

Step 2

Connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 3

Scan and select the files you want to recover.

Step 4

Press recover and get what you want.


  • After accidentally deleting files from an Android Phone, do not attempt to copy additional files onto the card before attempting file recovery as this will overwrite the files and make them much more difficult if not impossible to recover.
Professional SD Card Recovery Software Recover Lost or Deleted Photos in 3 Steps
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