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If you've ever accidentally deleted photos from your digital camera's memory card and have no clue about what to do, this article may be your lifesaver.

Relax and don't be scared off, as chances are good that you can recover those images, as long as you don't do anything to your memory card once you realize photos have been deleted.

Most cameras typically don't overwrite the memory on cards when a simple delete command is used. Instead they just mark the space that the images had been stored on as being free for use. So if no other writes or format command is used on that space, the photos should be relatively easy to recover using a file recovery tool.

There're lots of files recovery programs on the market and Card Recover Pro is one of the most reliable solution for digital image/picture recovery, photo rescue, photo restore, data recovery.

To retrieve lost files with Card Recover Pro

Step 1

Download Card Recover Pro here and install it by following the on-screen instructions. 
Note: It's important not to install it on the same drive as your deleted files as the act of installing a new piece of software may itself cause deleted files to be overwritten. If you have only one drive, consider placing it temporarily in an external drive and running the recovery from a different computer.

Step 2

Plug your card reader into your computer and select the root directory of where your camera stores its image files -- provided it hasn't disappeared when the card was formatted or the pictures were deleted. This is typically a folder called DCIM, or the name of the camera manufacturer or model.

Step 3

Click "Start Scan", and then click "Next" to start the scan.

Recover Deleted Photos with Card Recover Pro   Recover Deleted Photos with Card Recover Pro

Step 4

When the scan is finished, hopefully you will get some results here, which means the software has found your images. Select the images you want and click "Recover" button to restore the files.

Recover Deleted Photos with Card Recover Pro   Recover Deleted Photos with Card Recover Pro

Step 5

Check the files that have been recovered, and then back them up.

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