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SD card can enlarge the space of our cell phone, computer, camera and other devices for which it is widely used on our daily life. However, it is not absolutely safe to use it. Sometimes, SD card can be damaged for that some reasons. What the bad result caused by this is that all files on the corrupted SD card are lost. Do not worry about this, you can recover all the deleted SD card  files with the help of some SD card recovery.

How to Recover the Deleted Data from SD Card

Step 1

Download card recovery software. There are a multitude of utilities available for this (see Resources). Some are free; others cost money. Try a free program or see if a free trial is available. These utilities make it possible to see the files that have not yet been overwritten on your SD card.

Step 2

Insert the card into your card reader or device, and run the card recovery software. The software will scan your device for the files and alert you to any complete, recoverable files available. Recover the images according to the program instructions. Some programs charge a fee per file to be recovered.
If you can not retrieve the lost data deleted by accident, you can try WiseRecovery which provides an easy and convenient way to retrieve your lost files. No matter the files are deleted, corrupted or removed from the recycle bin, SD Card Files Recovery Pro will always get them back. And your lost files can be video files, photos, audio data, or files of other formats.

How to Recover the Deleted Data from SD Card with CardRecovery

Step 1

Step 2

Connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 3

Scan and select the files you want to recover.

Step 4

Press recover and get what you want.


  • Do not use the SD card for any other purpose before attempting to recover data. Further use of the card will destroy any remaining files the card contains and will render the data unrecoverable. Immediately write-protect the card according to the manufacturer's instructions.
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