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Everyone make mistakes. If you've lost precious family photos from your flash memory device, whether it's a USB jump drive or an SD card, you can potentially restore them. When image files are deleted from flash memory they actually remain on the device until another file overwrites them. As long as the original picture hasn't been overwritten you could make a file recovery tool to restore your data.

How to Recover Flash Drive Files With Software?

Step 1.

Download CardRecoveryPro, install it and Click Scan.

Step 2.

Select the drive or card that where the lost files had been stored.
Click Scan. The software will quickly scan the selected disk to find all your target files.

Step 3.

Find the files you want to restore in the scan result.

Select them and click Recover.

Step 4.

Set a destination folder to save the recovered files. You can find the recovered files in the destination folder.

Why We Choose CardRecovery?

CardRecoveryPro is easy-to-use card recovery software. The software can effectively recover deleted or lost photos, music, video, and multimedia files from almost all digital cards after disasters like erroneous deletion, corruption or formatting errors, etc. Using CardRecoveryPro is safe and risk-free. The software performs read-only operations on your memory card. It doesn't move, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoid causing further damage or overwriting the source.
Please Remember that Stop any action on that card or disk!
You should leave the card or disk alone and do not save or delete anything you will view on it after you found something missing.
This is all about How to Recover Flash Drive Files. Hope it helps. Thanks for reading.

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