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Have you ever accidentally deleted a photo on your camera, computer, USB drive, or anywhere else? What you might not know is that most digital cameras do not wipe the pictures completely from your camera storage card on deletion or format. It may just remove the filenames and file entries (e.g. name, time stamp, file length), but your photo and movie data may still remain unchanged. So it is possible for Card Recovery Pro to search and restore the deleted photos, or lost picture files due to format. So, you can usually restore those pictures—even from your camera's memory stick.

Here I recommend a useful pictures recovery program named Card Recovery Pro to you to help you to get your precious pictures back.

Now, please follow the guide below to recover photos with Card Recovery Pro.

Step 1

Download Card Recovery Pro here & follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.

Step 2

Launch the Card Recovery Pro software. Click "Start Scan", specify the drive letter, and file type and destination location. Then click "Next" to start the scan.How to Recover Deleted Pictures    How to Recover Deleted Pictures

Step 3

When the scan is finished, select the images you want and click "Recover" button to restore the files.

How to Recover Deleted Pictures    How to Recover Deleted Pictures

Features of Card Recovery Pro

1. Recover files lost for almost all reasons, as long as the card is still recognizable. No matter they are lost due to mistaken deletion, format, or power surge, etc.
2. Recover files on not only SD card, but all other storage media such as external hard disk, flash drive and hard disks.
3. Allow you to preview the found files before you do the recovery.
4. Slimmed-down interface, easy to understand and use.

In a word, Card Recovery Pro is quite a files recovery tool which can recover pictures or videos from damaged or newly formatted flash cards. It also allows previewing of photos before recovery and a sector-wise search of deleted files which ensures a high probability of recovering professional-quality results.

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Professional SD Card Recovery Software Recover Lost or Deleted Photos in 3 Steps