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Expandable storage such as SD cards are great. They can make your phone or camera a much larger and more versatile beast. But when a card corrupts you can lose a lot. Here we've focussed on recovering photos: apps you can reinstall, and if they come from a legal source music files can be replaced free of charge. But in any case the principles are the same.Here's what to do if your trusty SD card has stopped working. First of all, don't format the disk if you want to retain any of the photos on it. And unless you have a lot of valuable data that you absolutely need to get back.
Before you you want to recover the data from SD card, please do follows:
1. Clean the connectors of the SD card with a soft cloth. These are the gold "teeth"-looking connections on the bottom of the card. Remove any dust from the media card reader using liquid air.
2. Check the lock tab on the side of the SD card and make sure it is in the unlocked position. If you have photos on the card and you can see the photos when inserted in your camera, chances are your card is locked and is blocking any other device from reading the information.

How to Use CardRecovery

Step 1

Double-Click the CardRecoveryPro and open it.

Step 2

Connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 3

Scan and select the files you want to recover.

Step 4

Press recover and get what you want.
CardRecoveryPro is a simple memory card recovery software, which can effectively restore lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos, video files and other multimedia files from basically all of the memory card. It's absolutely safe to run CardRecoveryPro because it only performs the read-only operation on the memory card. The software doesn't move, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoid causing further damage or overwriting. It recovers the photos and movie clips from the source memory card and saves them to the destination location you specify.

Professional SD Card Recovery Software Recover Lost or Deleted Photos in 3 Steps
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