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When you notice that your photos have been deleted from the SanDisk Media card, you must be upset, espescially when your important data was deleted. SanDisk does not provide for data recovery services. The SanDisk warranty covers the product itself, but does NOT cover any damages due to data loss. It is recommended to make regular backups of all your data and pictures.

                                                             Sandisk Rescue Pro 

Can I recover my data if my memory card or flash drive stopped working?

Can I'undelete' files?

Yes, you can recover the detelted files if you use Sandisk Rescue Pro in time, it is recommended you CardrecoveryPro. You can download CardrecoveryPro software for free and a free scan. It will show you what files can be recovered and provide a preview of the files for some common picture file types. This is an excellent way to see if the program will work before you purchase. After you recover your data, you can reformat your memory card or flash drive and use it again.

How to use CardrecoveryPro?

Step 1

Download CardrecoveryPro Software, install and launch it.

Step 2

Perform a Full Scan. Insert the card into your card reader or device, and run the CardrecoveryPro Software. Click the "Start Scan" button on the main window of CardrecoveryPro. You can see the list of all volumes found on your computer, select the exact drive and click the "Next" button to start scanning. If you can't see the drive, please make sure your external drives are connected, and click 'Refresh' button.

Step 3

Preview and Recover Data. Find the files you want to restore in the scan result. Select them and click Recover.

  • Do not set the card near a magnet as this will delete all of its data.
  • Do not use the card for any other purpose if you have accidentally deleted files, as the device will record the new files over the old ones.
  • Do not wait a long time to restore the lost data, after a longer time, it is harder to restore, regardless of the recovery software used.
Professional SD Card Recovery Software Recover Lost or Deleted Photos in 3 Steps